Bill Johnson : Driving and Sustaining Transformations

Driving and Sustaining Transformations

Driving and Sustaining Transformations

Bill Johnson, President & CEO of Welbilt, a global food service equipment company, shares his experiences of driving transformations during his many senior-level stints at various industrial companies. Bill highlights the importance of leadership engagement, creating financial transparency or “keeping score” on impact of initiatives, upgrading talent, and embedding the new practices in day-to-day business, as key enabling factors for successful and sustainable transformations. As COVID-19 and labor shortages accelerated technology disruptions in food service industry, especially with cloud kitchens, contactless food delivery, and smart kitchens coming into play, Bill discusses the need for traditional industrial businesses like food service equipment companies to transform into industrial technology focused companies. Tune in as Bill reflects on his learnings not only from leading successful transformations in the industrial equipment industry but also as a former nuclear engineer in the United States Navy.

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Discussion Points

  • Welbilt’s recent sale to Ali Group
  • Supply chain challenges due to the pandemic and Welbilt’s response
  • Digitization of food service businesses during and post pandemic
  • Welbilt’s transition from traditional industrial to industrial technology company
  • Bill’s path from a nuclear submarine in the Navy to the industrial equipment industry
  • Upgrading talent – hire well and move transformation blockers
  • Leadership engagement and presence – show up and make it important to you

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