Tailored Advisory and On-the-Ground Execution Services to Create "Segment-of-One" Leaders

Launched by senior leaders from iconic institutions, we excel in delivering performance enhancement and creating “Segment-of-One” leaders. Our tailored services, spanning Industrial and Industrial Technology and Consumer verticals within North America, combine advisory expertise with on-ground execution, bolstered by advanced analytics, to enhance value for both companies and investors.

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What Do We Do?

We provide end-to-end solutions to solve problems and create value for companies in the Industrial, Industrial Technology, and Consumer verticals. Our advisory and operations services span four areas:

Strategy Development and Execution
Due diligences, growth strategies, and portfolio optimization
Margin Optimization and Transformation
Revenue acceleration, cost transformation, and efficient cash management
Functional Excellence
Top-team workshops, organizational health assessment, strategic organizational design, and nurturing next generation of leaders
Ayna First Domino
Digitization and Digital Transformation
Digitization of revenue and customer experience, performance transparency, and decision-making tools
Take Position In Capital Stack
Incentives aligned as value-creation partner

How Do We Do It?

We have a unique collaborative approach and offer highly customizable engagement and commercial models to best suit our clients needs:

Engagement Model
A blend of advisory and execution tailored to the client specific context, for example,
  • 100% advisory support for the due diligence of a target, vs.
  • 100% execution support for running procurement function for a client to bank material cost savings
Commercial Model
An outcome-driven model – fixed fee or variable fee – with incentives aligned with clients,
  • Fixed: Flat fee / team / month
  • Variable: Tied to defined outcomes like time or execution milestones, often carrying a risk premium, payable in cash, equity, or equity-like instruments (e.g., warrants)