The Private Equity Mystique

Ludovic Phalippou

Ludovic Phalippou is a specialist in asset management with a focus on investments in private equity funds. He is a professor of financial economics at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, heads their FAME Group, and has strong links with senior practitioners in the industry. His research and publications provide insights on fee tracking, interest alignment, and return benchmarking in private market investments. He speaks at practitioner conferences, appears in the media internationally, and is the author of the book Private Equity Laid Bare.

In “The Private Equity Mystique,” Professor Phalippou identifies the challenges of measuring PE funds performance and suggests ways of addressing those challenges. Noting that the relatively low degree of transparency in PE markets is hard to square with the relatively high management fees charged by the funds, he offers his perspective on a future in which investors will seek a greater degree of control over their investments.