Draslovka’s India Journey

Pavel Bruzek, Jr.

Ayna.AI had the pleasure of hosting Pavel Bruzek, Jr., CEO of Draslovka, to discuss their journey of setting up operations in India from the ground up.

In his talk, Pavel Bruzek underscores India's crucial position in the global shift towards digitalization and innovation, citing the country's stability and strategic advantages. Specifically addressing the chemical industry, he highlights India's cost-effectiveness, with substantial savings in capital expenditures and the availability of high-quality local resources, making it an attractive hub for production.

In navigating the challenges of setting up operations, Pavel recommends against a do-it-yourself approach, urging companies to leverage local agencies and partners. He emphasizes the trust-based nature of India's business culture and the need for strong networks. Additionally, Pavel commends India's robust enforcement mechanisms for intellectual property protection, providing businesses with a reliable safeguard.