An Eye on AI

Rodrigo Liang, Chetan Dube & Professor Hany Farid

Artificial Intelligence is an essential consideration for industrial and industrial technology. As the experts interviewed for our webcasts note, companies that haven’t embraced AI operate at a disadvantage because they are already lagging in a technology that will power businesses in the next few years, much as the internet does now.

Fernweh’s webcast series “An Eye on AI” offers perspectives from esteemed AI experts in business and academia. In these interviews, you’ll hear about AI’s potential to transform business and its early applications. You’ll also get insights into the risks associated with AI and ways to manage those risks. Listen to all the webcasts to acquire a broad understanding of the latest thinking in the field. Or for a quicker overview, click the links to download articles summarizing the interview contents.

SambaNova’s confounder- Rodrigo Liang- describes industry’s shift from a pre-AI to a post-AI world, including use cases, his company’s role, and what incumbents must do.
Founder and CEO of Amelia – Chetan Dube – explains why AI not only is becoming an essential technology but also may transform human lives for the better.
The father of digital forensics – Professor Hany Farid – lays out the consequences of failing to consider technology risks and offers solutions to the spread of misinformation.