Professor Christopher Monroe : Nearing the Quantum Advantage

Nearing the Quantum Advantage

Nearing the Quantum Advantage

Professor Christopher Monroe, an international leader in quantum computing, offers his perspectives based on 25 years of pioneering research on trapped atomic ion-based quantum computers. He discusses the current state of play in the space, the path to quantum advantage, and the applications that will deliver practical benefits. He also shares his views on increased consolidation that he expects to see among quantum computing players and the need for greater collaboration among scientists, engineers, application developers, and enterprises to shape the future of the industry.

Professor Monroe is the co-founder and chief scientist at IonQ, a start-up that made headlines by becoming the first pure-play quantum computing company to go public in October 2021. He is also a professor of electrical and computer engineering and physics at Duke University.

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Discussion Points

  • NISQ (Noisy-Intermediate-Scale Quantum) era of quantum computing and current state of quantum capabilities
  • The path and timeline to quantum advantage and commercialization
  • Applications and industries that will see the most value unlock
  • The social challenge in development of quantum computing
  • Professor Monroe’s journey from an atomic physicist to taking IonQ public
  • The role of multiple stakeholders in shaping the future of quantum computing

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