Robert Luddy : Industry Leadership in Small Businesses

Industry Leadership in Small Businesses

Robert LUDDY
Robert LUDDY
Industry Leadership in Small Businesses

Robert L. Luddy, one of the most talented, persistent, and enduring entrepreneurs in the United States, shares his journey of transforming CaptiveAire into an industry leader. Founded by Mr. Luddy in 1976 as a small fire suppression company in Raleigh, North Carolina, CaptiveAire is today the largest privately held US manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems and a one-stop shop for any building’s HVAC needs. Mr. Luddy, who is also the author of Entrepreneurial Life: The Path from Startup to Market Leader, discusses CaptiveAire’s focus on continuous growth and improvement, its rich culture of perfection, and its passion for bringing the right technologies and products to its customers. Listen in as he shares his thoughts on sustaining a culture that enables success even amid industry disruptions and the ups and downs of economic cycles.

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Discussion Points

  • Technology disruptions in commercial food services
  • Importance of an end-to-end integrator model in the face of these disruptions
  • Bob’s top predictions for the HVAC industry
  • CaptiveAire’s journey to become a leader in commercial kitchen ventilation systems
  • Bob’s reflections on what attracted him toward the industry
  • The secret sauce to sustaining culture and attracting talent in small businesses
  • Bridging the gap in trade skills in the U.S.
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