Victor Mendelson : HEICO: Troubled Asset to a Hotshot Stock

HEICO – Troubled Asset to a “Hotshot Stock”

HEICO – Troubled Asset to a “Hotshot Stock”

HEICO Corporation’s turnaround story has created headlines for the past 20 years. The company designs, manufactures, and sells aerospace, defense, and electronics-related products and services in the United States and internationally. It can boast of a decade of industry-leading operational performance and shareholder value creation, propelled by its acquisition and transformation of 88 businesses since 1996. Victor Mendelson, longtime co-president of HEICO, shares his thoughts on what has contributed to the company’s continued success, citing its flexible mindset and management during the turnaround, relentless focus on product and people development, and a culture of ownership that includes employees of acquired businesses. He also discusses HEICO’s navigation of COVID-19’s many challenges and his optimistic outlook for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industry.

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Discussion Points

  • HEICO’s growth to a $2B public company and positioning for success
  • Impact of COVID on HEICO and the industry
  • Outlook on aviation and travel as demand surges
  • Victor’s early days as General Counsel for HEICO in the 90s
  • HEICO as a case study for transformation and success
  • Challenges faced through HEICO’s 88 acquisitions over the last couple of decades
  • Enabling “ownership mindset” at HEICO
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