Rodrigo Liang : The World of Artificial Intelligence is Here

The World of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here

The World of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here

Rodrigo Liang, CEO of the AI start-up SambaNova Systems, offers an insider’s view of industries’ rapid transition to the AI world, including how this transition resembles the internet era. Citing industry use cases, he discusses the fundamental shift required in organizations’ hardware architecture and the merits of a software-first approach optimized for data workflows. He touches on why data has overtaken operations as the driver of AI software and hardware, as well as how enterprises approach at-scale AI adoption. 

Mr. Liang is a co-founder of SambaNova Systems, one of the best funded AI start-ups. With their recent success, Rodrigo and the SambaNova team are continuing this exciting journey as a trusted adviser to enterprises looking to accelerate their AI deployments.

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Discussion Points

  • Transition from pre- to post-AI world
  • Parallels of the transition with the then burgeoning internet era
  • Industries that will be first in making AI a mainstream part of their business
  • Use cases of AI across financial, healthcare, and retail sectors
  • SambaNova’s journey to become one of the best funded AI companies
  • Data as the design point for development – not systems and operations
Rodrigo Liang on LinkedInRodrigo Liang at SambaNova

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