The AI Revolution in Talent Intelligence

The AI Revolution in Talent Intelligence

Ashutosh Garg, the CEO of Eightfold discusses the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on talent management and workforce development. Ashutosh Garg offers his expertise on how AI is being utilized to not only identify skills within the workforce but also to foster an environment where learnability and career progression are prioritized. His approach is data-driven and outcome-focused, aiming to create a harmonious alignment between individual career goals and organizational needs, while also addressing the ethical implications of AI in talent acquisition and development.

Ashutosh Garg is the visionary CEO of Eightfold, an innovative company that leverages artificial intelligence in the realm of HR technology. Ashutosh’s journey began in India, leading him through an impressive academic career with a focus on machine learning, which included an undergraduate degree from IIT Delhi and a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before founding Eightfold, Garg co-founded Bloomreach and honed his skills at Google, where he spearheaded personalization efforts. With a deep-seated belief in maximizing human potential, Garg's background is a testament to his commitment to using technology to empower individuals in their careers.

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Discussion Points

  • Ashutosh explores AI's impact on talent management, focusing on skill development and retention in industrial sectors, reducing turnover and hiring costs.
  • Reflecting on talent management's evolution, Ashutosh discusses startups' need for resilience, shifting from external hiring to internal development.
  • He shares his journey from India to Google and HR tech, emphasizing data-driven talent management and improving career opportunities.
  • Ashutosh addresses AI adoption in enterprises, focusing on solving broad problems amidst market volatility like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Eightfold's mission in utilizing AI for talent intelligence, focusing on industrial and manufacturing sectors.
  • Exploring AI's evolution and Eightfold's adaptation to industry changes over the past eight years.

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