Much More Than a ‘Stodgy Old Industry’

Much More Than a ‘Stodgy Old Industry’

In this episode, host Gaurav Batra welcomes Paul Reitz, President and CEO of Titan International, to discuss Titan’s unique niche in the industry and how a focus on the end-user drives their value creation in products and services around the globe. Mr. Reitz shares his journey at Titan’s helm and offers a wide-ranging discussion on several critical topics including business resiliency through challenging periods, talent acquisition and retention, Board makeup and management and the overall outlook for the agriculture and construction industries. Paul Reitz joined Titan International, a leading global supplier of off-the-road wheel and tire products, in 2010 as CFO. Prior to Titan, Paul was Chief Accounting Officer at Carmike Cinemas, with previous roles at Yellowbook USA and Deloitte & Touche.  Paul earned an MBA in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Iowa.

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Discussion Points

  • Titan's niche value proposition emphasizing strong customer connections.
  • Titan’s optimism about growth in agriculture and construction industries.
  • Timely 2019 restructuring boosting resilience through the pandemic.
  • Winning M&A strategy: patience, due diligence, and commitment to investment.
  • Diverse Board of Directors enhancing corporate decision-making.
  • Talent acquisition: finding individuals aligned with company mission and objectives.
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