Inspiring Empathy Through Truly Human Leadership

Inspiring Empathy Through Truly Human Leadership

What if managing employees wasn’t a responsibility, but a privilege? What if, before efficiencies and synergies, empathy was a driving force in leadership? In this episode, Connor Bradley speaks with Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a leader who transformed his company with a potent mix of strategy and culture, shaping a vision that breathes life and meaning into Barry-Wehmiller team members’ existence.

Bob Chapman is widely recognized as a transformative leader from the manufacturing industry. As CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a global supplier of manufacturing technology and services, he has grown his company through a prolifically successful acquisition strategy. Chapman's deep understanding of leadership and his unique methods have made him a bestselling author and speaker. Chapman has successfully instilled a culture of empathy and purpose within Barry-Wehmiller, solidifying his position as a revolutionary in both business and leadership.

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Discussion Points

  • Bob Chapman has transformed Barry-Wehmiller - providing employees with meaning and launching initiatives to share culture and leadership training.
  • How to address the "poverty of dignity" in organizations for overall well-being.
  • Connor and Bob discuss balanced business models, culture in leadership, and empathetic listening to create leaders.
  • Chapman shares his message of caring for others, teaching the skill of recognizing goodness, and navigating difficult decisions when culture and business conflict.
  • A discussion around sharing strategy and culture to lead business, encouraging listeners to apply same philosophy and share blessings.
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