Growth, Innovation, and the Future of Coated Metals Industry

Growth, Innovation, and the Future of Coated Metals Industry

Host Connor Bradley from Ayna.AI has an illuminating discussion with Tom Ferguson, the President and CEO of AZZ Inc. Tom shares his insights on AZZ’s role in the infrastructure and construction sectors, driven by the data center market boom. The conversation also explores AZZ's strategic growth, including the 2022 acquisition of Precoat Metals, the impact of the IIJA and CHIPS Act, and innovations in metal manufacturing. 

Tom Ferguson, the President and CEO of AZZ Inc., has been at the helm for over a decade, and has propelled the company to prominence in the hot-dip galvanizing and coil-coating industry. Before AZZ, Tom spent nearly 25 years at FlowServe, where he held multiple leadership roles. Under his guidance, AZZ has seen substantial growth, including the strategic acquisition of Precoat Metals and a smooth CFO transition. Tom's expertise has been pivotal in driving AZZ's success in the infrastructure and construction sectors.

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Discussion Points

  • Tom Ferguson discusses his journey as CEO of AZZ Inc., highlighting the company's growth and strategic innovations in the galvanizing and coil-coating market.
  • AZZ's CFO transition plan emphasizes leveraging internal talent for smooth leadership changes.
  • The 2022 acquisition of Precoat Metals has strengthened AZZ's market position and growth.
  • Prepainted metal's rising importance in construction and AZZ's expansion in distribution and data centers show innovation and growth.
  • The discussion covers infrastructure investments from the IIJA and CHIPS Act, focusing on integrating these with existing systems for better efficiency.
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