From Local Beginnings to Global Leader

From Local Beginnings to Global Leader

Ninad Singh of Ayna.AI interviews Mike Olosky, CEO of Simpson Strong-Tie, who underscores adaptability, customer relations, and comprehensive solutions as vital for success. With 14 years of global experience, Mike champions a growth mindset and people-centric culture to drive industry excellence.

As CEO of Simpson Strong-Tie, Mike Olosky leads the company with a clear vision of industry leadership through innovation and customer service. With over 20 years at Henkel, including roles as COO and Regional President, Mike's leadership, strategic investments, and embrace of technology have spurred Simpson Strong-Tie's growth amid economic challenges.

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Discussion Points

  • Simpson Strong-Tie’s from modest beginnings to a $2 billion revenue leader in structural building products with success driven by robust customer relations, adaptability, and diverse product offerings.
  • Olosky's 14-year stint with Henkel in Asia provided valuable insights into electronic and automotive sectors and cultural diversity, shaping his leadership at Simpson Strong-Tie and fostering innovation.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie's commitment to a growth mindset, employee training, and adoption of emerging technologies like Mass Timber and digitization are driving forces behind their market outperformance and industry-leading construction standards.
  • The company's dedication to comprehensive customer solutions, leveraging digital tools such as CAD and software resources, positions them as pioneers in digital transformation within the construction industry.
  • Olosky’s emphasis on the significance of a people-centric culture, citing an impactful moment in Asia that reinforced his belief in empowering teams. 

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