Christopher Krebs: Cybersecurity Risks and Controls

Cybersecurity Risks and Controls
Cybersecurity Risks and Controls

Chris Krebs, a renowned expert in cybersecurity, shares his thoughts on the current issues facing cybersecurity around the world, including the current situation in Ukraine, the 2020 election, the Colonial Pipeline hack, and other attacks on critical infrastructure. He lays out the current state of capabilities to withstand attacks, as well as the spectrum of cyber attackers at work in the world. He also discusses how organizations can anticipate, prevent, and recover from these types of attacks in the future.

Mr. Krebs is a former Director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). He recently founded a cyber consulting firm named Krebs Stamos Group with his partner Alex Stamos. The firm’s first assignment was the SolarWinds hack.

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Discussion Points

  • The recent surge in cyber attacks
  • Current state of capabilities to withstand attacks: people, processes, and technology
  • The spectrum of ‘bad guys’ out there, i.e., the cyber attackers
  • Six elements of cybersecurity:
  1. Leadership – cybersecurity as a priority for CXOs
  2. All hands on the deck – from the CEO to interns
  3. Identity management – knowing who is in the company’s network
  4. Device management – taking stock of devices in the network
  5. Incident response plan
  6. Recovery plan
  • Anticipation and preparedness for cyber attacks during the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections
  • Mr. Krebs’ journey from an Environmental Engineer to the Department of Homeland Security and now at his new venture – Krebs Stamos Group
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