Chetan Dube : AI Imperatives Facing Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Imperatives Facing Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Imperatives Facing Businesses

Chetan Dube, founder and CEO of Amelia, an industry-leading cognitive agent, has an ambitious goal: to free mankind from the shackles of mundane daily tasks and chores so creative minds can soar and create a better world for all of us. According to Chetan, with AI at a tipping point of exceeding human levels of comprehension, it is no longer a choice for businesses to use AI or not; it is a choice between adapting to a digital hybrid or dying slowly. Hesitancy and misconceptions about AI have long been a barrier to widespread adoption. One important way AI can help us right now is by bridging our current labor and talent gaps. Companies should consider how they can make their employees’ lives better and easier by using AI to take on the drudgery of mundane tasks that don’t require a human employee, which can only benefit bottom-line growth.

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Discussion Points

  • State of AI today and the businesses most affected
  • Digital Darwinism in future business
  • Industry success stories from the hospitality and gaming sectors
  • Chetan’s journey from academia to creating a functional working AI system he named Amelia
  • Driving successful digital transformations at mid- and small-cap industrial companies
  • Risks that businesses face if they don’t adopt a digital hybrid model today
  • Role of AI in addressing the talent gaps arising from the Great Resignation
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