Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

Christine King, known as Chris, is a trailblazing leader in the semiconductor industry, currently serving as the lead independent director and Compensation Committee chair at Skyworks with an $18B market cap. Beyond Skyworks, she co-chairs Henry Schein One's Board, driving software and technology strategy. Chris's remarkable journey from a young single mother to the semiconductor industry's first female CEO showcases her determination. Starting with a high school diploma, she earned electrical engineering degrees and excelled at IBM, ultimately leading billion-dollar businesses. She helmed various tech companies and held key roles on multiple Boards of Directors, leaving an indelible mark. Aside from her corporate endeavors, Chris is an accomplished equestrian and is set to release her memoir, "Breaking the Silicon Ceiling," later this year, detailing her extraordinary life.

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Discussion Points

  • Skyworks tech powering global "always on" wireless connectivity revolution.
  • Semiconductor industry resilient through global upheavals, post-pandemic effects.
  • Success hinges on people, strong relationships, and Moore's Law.
  • Standard Microsystems transformed through transparency, strategic alignment, and M&A.
  • Breaking barriers in a male-dominated field with results and value.
  • Advice for aspiring industry leaders: hone technical skills, persistence matters.
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