Greg Rustowicz : The "Great Transformation" at Columbus McKinnon

The "Great Transformation" at Columbus McKinnon

The "Great Transformation" at Columbus McKinnon

Gregory Rustowicz, Vice President of Finance and CFO of Columbus McKinnon, shares his thoughts on the company’s strong track record of value creation and resilience through the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing dynamics in the material-handling industry. Columbus McKinnon, a global leader in lifting and motion-control technology, has achieved alpha returns in the industrials sector, thanks to its restructuring initiatives, programmatic M&A approach, and strong cash flow performance. Join us for a glimpse into some of the internal strategies for growth and success that Mr. Rustowicz has been part of with Columbus McKinnon’s “great transformation” over the last 10 years.

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Discussion Points

  • Columbus McKinnon’s “intelligent motion solutions” and the main markets they serve
  • Columbus McKinnon’s “Blueprint for Growth 2.0”
  • Trends in automation and changing dynamics in material handling industry
  • Greg’s personal journey including his path to becoming the CFO of a company
  • Columbus McKinnon as a case study on value creation
  • The secret sauce for talent acquisition and retention
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