The Future of Energy Through a Regulatory Lens
The Future of Energy Through a Regulatory Lens

Neil Chatterjee, Senior Advisor at Hogan Lovells and Former Chairman and Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) shares his views on the opportunities and challenges that both private and public sector stakeholders face in the drive toward increased decarbonization, including affordability, reliability and security. He shares his perspectives on the polarization and politicization that continues to hamper long-term energy investment strategies and the energy sector’s critical need for a new generation of dedicated public servants to drive future innovation.

Mr. Chatterjee is proud to have been the first Indian American chairperson of FERC and maintains a stellar reputation as a bipartisan operator with deep ties in Washington and across the industry. Prior to his tenure at the Commission, Neil served as an advisor to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), working on the passage of major energy legislation. Neil also has experience working as a principal in government relations for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He began his career as a staff member on the House Committee on Ways and Means.

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Discussion Points

  • As the energy landscape drives toward decarbonization, critical challenges include reliability, affordability, and security.
  • The US energy grid is the envy of the world, but no country is an island anymore. There are opportunities in the foreign policy space to engage and cooperate.
  • Maintaining affordability is one of the biggest challenges through the energy transition, especially amidst inflation and a slowing economy.
  • The federal government’s political polarization is paralyzing long-term investment planning and undermining cooperation when it’s needed most.
  • Competition and open markets should be driving innovation and one area that is ripe for innovation is long-duration energy storage.
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