G-49 Summit: “May we live in interesting times”

G-49 Summit is an annual invite-only event that convenes prominent leaders and influencers from industrial and industrial technology sector and related ecosystem to discuss critical topics shaping the industry.


September 28-29, 2023


Solage, Calistoga, California
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Peer perspectives on embracing change

In the pursuit of sustainable innovation, let us integrate academia and industry, leverage new technologies, and build collaborative networks across borders…. together, we can forge a path towards regaining global leadership in manufacturing and driving real transformative change.
Glenn Daehn
Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, The Ohio State University
The conclusion I draw is that it is important to understand both the uses of history but also the misuses of history when trying to understand current events.
Barry Eichengreen
Professor of Economics and Political Science, UC Berkeley
Forgive yourself, embrace failure, and concentrate on the next target in these challenging times…..speed, integrity, and a culture of continuous learning will navigate us through uncertainty.
Bill Johnson
CEO, Avail Infrastructure Solutions
In the dynamic world of business, my two guiding lessons stand strong. First, hire for the role, not the resume. Second, relentless innovation from simple to sophisticated drives lasting success… From connectors to AI, it's not just about the product's lifespan, but the impact it leaves over time.
Neal J. Keating
Retired Chairman & CEO, Kaman Corp
Boldness becomes our compass in a world that changes swiftly….embrace AI and take decisive actions today to shape a future of innovation and transformation for the next decade and beyond.
Rodrigo Liang
CEO and Co-founder, SambaNova Systems
Embrace change with resilience, harness the power of curiosity, and drive marginal gains to create monumental impacts.... It's our culture of innovation that propels us past giants, making Extreme the leader in growth
Ed Meyercord
President & CEO, Extreme Networks
In a world of crises, policy matters, but never underestimate the incredible resilience of people and economies... We must factor this strength into our forecasts while staying committed to addressing urgent challenges like climate change
Adam Posen
President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics
It’s critical that if we are in sync with oneself, we can actually be in sync with the nature and the changes that go around us…whatever the volatility in the world we always remain stable and that enables us to deal with the changes in the far better way.
Ameya Prabhu
MD, NAFA Capital Advisors; President, Indian Chamber of Commerce
Safeguarding trust and maintaining peaceful resolutions are vital in this world of geopolitical complexities…. our interdependent economies must find ways to collaborate rather than compete for astable and prosperous future.
Steve Sanghi
Executive chairman, Microchip Technology
Our strength is in our people. Amsted is 100% owned by our employees though an ESOP. The last six years have confirmed that in a crisis, our employees will behave like the owners they are.
Steve Smith
CEO, Amsted Industries
Just like Ted Lasso's total football, I aim to create an environment where everyone flourishes, finding their identity and making the impossible possible.
Jonah Staw
President & General Manager of Ultimate Ears at Logitech
As CEO, I've learned that culture reigns supreme, a lesson emphasized during COVID. Our investments in culture yielded unexpected rewards… Looking ahead, our strong culture propels us to expand, scale, and innovate.
Lou Von Thaer
President & CEO, Battelle
Amidst challenging times, stay true to your principles, values, and culture, as they are the cornerstone of your company's success…. Embrace change, secure your company's enduring triumph.
Kevin Wheeler
Chairman, President & CEO, AO Smith Corp