A-CLG: Ayna Critical Leaders’ Group

March 23, 2023
30+ CEOs and senior leaders across a range of companies/ sectors
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Every quarter A- CLG convenes senior leaders across a range of companies/sectors to discuss and debate key topics that are on the top of mind of CEOs, boards and investors.

Q1 A-CLG will focus on “2i- Inflation and Interest rates, what is really happening and what is impact on our wallet?”. Inflation and interest rates have been in limelight for the past 12 months, but there are conflicting messages on its long-term implications on GDP and on our personal wealth and wallet.

There are great examples of companies that have navigated 2i very well, while several companies have fumbled in dealing with the 2i. What are lessons learnt and what can companies do to drive growth and create value ?

Q1 A-CLG Speakers
Professor Steve Hanke

Founder & Co-Director Applied Economics

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Professor Daniel Lacalle

Chief Economist

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Nick Santhanam, CEO of Fernweh Group on what’s on top of his mind given the current macroeconomic scenario